Policies & Payment:

Bridal alteration fitting appointment requires a $150 deposit, which will be applied to your alterations. We initially take a $150 deposit over the phone when you make your first bridal fitting appointment or an online deposit payment request is sent via email. The deposit is refundable with two weeks notice. If, in the event you choose not to use our services, we promptly refund your deposit, provided we are given cancelation notice no less than 2 weeks from the scheduled date of your first fitting. When we meet for the first fitting, we require a third to a half of the total cost. If there are additional fittings, we require a percentage of the remaining balance, and then full payment upon pick up of the dress.  We accept cash, Visa or MasterCard.

Alteration Pricing:

Prices depend on many variants, such as the complexity of construction, type of fabrics, beading and lace, and other factors. Therefore we cannot give price quotes over the phone. We need to see your garment on you before we can give you an accurate price. While there are circumstances that can increase the cost, generally, the average cost for bridal gown alterations is $425 to $1000.

We can also bustle your wedding gown. While there are several ways to bustle a gown, we generally let the gown tell us what it wants in order to maintain a visual aesthetic of the wedding gown.


Alteration for bridal gowns can be anywhere from 2 to 3 months from your first fitting to completion. It is advisable to plan ahead. Please call about 4 - 6 weeks before you want to have your first bridal fitting since we can get booked out far in advance during the busiest part of bridal season. Occasionally, we can do rush jobs with an additional fee, but it depends on the type of gown and our schedule. Please contact us for more information.

Alteration Fittings Requirements:

For your fittings, you MUST bring your wedding shoes that you will wear on your wedding day and any special foundation garments. We offer cups that we can sew in for you if you choose to not wear a bra. We typically schedule 2 to 4 fittings, depending up the particular wedding gown and what alterations are needed to be done.  

***PLEASE NOTE:  If you change to a different bra or foundation garment, or wear a different height shoes, after we have done the fitting and sewing, your dress will fit differently.  Changing the type of foundations significantly changes the fit, just as changing the height of shoes affects the proper hem length.


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